Мыслеотвод Елены Львовны (motek) wrote,
Мыслеотвод Елены Львовны

NPR bias against Israel

That's how NPR headlines present the recent Hebron shooting incident:
"killing a wounded Palestinian man". Not attacker, not stabber or terrorist, simply an innocent and for some reason wounded man.


I also like the message of this camera man: "Abu Shamsiyeh tells young Palestinians that cameras are much more powerful weapons than stones, knives or fists". I bet he only says it in English. Because he knows that the camera is useless without stones and knives. Just like in this incident. If the "innocent" Palestinian did not stab a soldier in the first place, Elor Azaria woulnd't have made the misjudgement of shooting him and there would've been no use of the camera.

Finally, also this picture inside the article, apparently showing the Israeli policy of apartheid, but the thing is, the Arab woman is in fact walking on the "Jewish" side of the fence. Looks like NPR is no better than BBC and such.

Tags: Израиль, новости, политика

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